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Neakris Web creates beautiful websites 

We specialize on smaller websites for small businesses, non-profit organizations and personal websites/blogs. We would like to add your personality to your websites with full customized page elements, functionality, colors, fonts and pictures!

We also provide maintenance service, so you don’t have to worry about changing small things (picture, phone number, link address, etc.) or that something will stop working!

Price List
(prices might vary)

Standard hosting package – $300 yearly + price of unique domain name (about $60 per year) +
6 pages website – $450 
Each additional page is 25$ 

(Our standard hosting package is a business plan, which has any possible customization and maintenance. 3 free reviews are included)

Simple hosting package – $110 yearly +
5 pages website – $450
Each additional page is 30$

(Our simple hosting package is a premium plan, which includes much more limited customization and functionality. It does include maintenance, but some of the items might not be covered by it. 3 free reviews are included) 

Price for changing, restructuring or enhancing already existed pages varies from case to case, depending on the platform you have your site on and how much work needs to be done