Utmost Energy & Sound Healing

Reiki session in person – $90

(60 minutes of healing, energy balancing and relaxation with a singing bowl. We would work on both of your sides: back and front and each charka)

Reiki Remote Session – $45

(can be via Skype or without intermediary communication. This type of session can be scheduled for a specific date and time, for example for an important meeting, surgery, court hearing, etc.)

Tarot-numerology analysis – $30

Per 1 analysis package. Every additional analysis is $5 off. Currently offered packages:

– Personal challenge in life & karmic program and how to resolve it

– Blocks on your chakras and how to mitigate them

– Forecasting for a year and/or month for financial and heart chakras.
(Can be helpful to pick the best month for big events and changes or just tips on how to keep your personal energies positive and avoid attraction of negative events)

Tarot-reading – $45

Per three questions. Every additional question $10.
(It is NOT a fortune-telling, it is work a with your subconsciousness. We can analyze your situation or look at the relationships/emotions with a specific person.)

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