Nea Kris

Let the pain flow



   First of all I want to apologize for my English. It is not my first language, but I am really trying to improve it. Please, don’t judge too hard.

   Now a little bit about myself and why I started this website. First of all, since I was a kid, I dreamed to be a writer. I used to write whole books, but of course I never could believe that my writing can become something recognizable. Everything got worse when I moved to America, so now I have to write using my second language (English), and it makes everything more complicated. Either way, even if I never will be a published author, I want to share my writing. Maybe there will be at least one soul, which will enjoy it and I will make a difference for somebody’s life.  

   Second reason for this particular website and blog is to share my thoughts in hope to beat a deep depression and worldview with no hope for the better future. All months since 2016 were very rough. Life events pushed me to the limits, ripping apart my sanity, so now I want to get back to writing and get back to THE PERSON I used to be a long time ago, even thought I hardly believe that it is possible. 

   And finally, my third reason, most materialist of all (no money, no honey!) : I study full-stack web development and this is my beginning playground. I want to do some projects from home for cheap, just to get a grip of what I am going to do in the real world. Page with my portfolio will be available soon.

   I hope somebody will join me in this adventure of finding myself again, so any brave (or bored) souls – you are welcome aboard!🚢