Post of Motivation :)

I didn’t write for a while, but this is almost end of the year, and I decided to write a motivational post, as a part of “coping with depression campaign” 🙂 When I was in a deep depression, I hated motivational posts, because it seemed to me that nothing like that will ever happen to me. Why bother to read about success of others? 😓 Yes, it happened with these people, but won’t happen to me, because my life seemed to be always dark and sh*tty. Seemed that I had problems with everything in my life and there was no hope to fix them. I couldn’t start to think about positive 😖. I was full of anger and jealousy, for my ex who left me for another girl, because I was too “comfy” for him. I became a “furniture” to use at home. This pain of betrayal… I let it all go. I forgave him and her. Moreover, me and her are friends now. And I am still friends with my ex’s mom. That is how I am changing the world, by bringing more kindness and teaching people that it is possible, so I would advise the same to everyone 😇. In the end I am very happy now. I found an amazing man and we have a great relationship full of love and passion. We are planning to get married and have kids (for real). Everything stabilized at work, I also study, and plan to start writing another blog about food. I feel calm and finally thoughts about future don’t scare me. I like people, I love this life and this positivity makes people around be more positive too. Just remember, even when it seems that there is nothing good – it isn’t true. You program your life, you materialize your thoughts. If every day you repeat that everything is sh*t, then it will stay that way. Learn law of attraction and learn to make wishes (if anyone is interesting, I can write a post about wishes and how to make it right). You will get what you need. Happy New Year to everyone! Let it bring you a miracle, how 2017 brought miracle to me <3   

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