Nea Kris

Let the pain flow

Barbed on my heart – 2


ring in the sink

Drip, drip – red dots
On white surface of the sink.
Washing away my pain.

Spike after spike
From my bleeding flesh
I’m pulling it out.

Barbed of memories,
Deep barbed of believes –
One by one – away!

Tears of sharp pain,
I still have flashbacks at nights.
I need to pull it out.

My opened wound,
This bleeding, hurting meat
When it will be over?

Waiting, pulling out, slowly, one by one…   

4 thoughts on “Barbed on my heart – 2

  1. Your blood is a treasure Neakris, is it right to waste such precious Ruby tears?

  2. Glad it was just art, Kris. Damn, you fooled me. Your poem is powerful and brutal. I like it a lot!


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