Barbed on my heart


This is funny, but it is so sad…
I am happy with him,
And you are happy with her.
Shouldn’t it take away all pain?
Well maybe it should…
But was all our past in vain?

All these years I believed,
That we meant to be together,
Through better and through worse,
But I was mistaken…
I am not healed, even if I am so close…

Our relationships were like barbed,
They hurt me so much,
But my belief was covering it, without flee
Layer after layer, putting it on on my heart and my skin.
So it became part of me…

Now when mistake was exposed,
I have to rewind all these years and believes back.
I have to rip off this barbed from my flesh,
Layer after layer, bleeding and screaming inside.
Knowing that only after this I can be alright…

This barbed poisons my body and mind now,
But ripping it off with meat – is painful.
I am healing, I do love, but this burden…
It cannot be cured so fast. It opens wounds,
It scars me, it cripples me, it haunts me.
Last challenge to overcome, to get over this tragedy…  

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