Just a night talk

Strong alcohol taste.
Yes, I am upset by feeling…
Day after day, week after week,
And even month after month.
Funny how life turns.

That is not about love, not anymore.
But betrayal?
Pain of betrayal – that’s what I can’t bear.
That pain is too real.
One day person is your everything,
Person who you can trust your life to,
And next day, this person is just an illusion –
Mist, fading in a sunlight.

All was a lie, all was in vain…
It was my mistake to be weak,
But YOU the one who stuck a knife in my back…
And I just turned around and said nothing.
I just cried, because pain was ripping me apart.
I guess… I just didn’t expect that.

That hurts more than a broken heart.
That’s the wound that doesn’t heal.
Knowledge that people can do THIS,
Knowledge that nothing is eternal,
That  you are always alone.

And now you are hiding from me…
Avoiding… even though I forgave you?
I forgave your blade in my freaking back!
I forgave all your lie, and now you can’t see me?
Because you promised to HER?
Or because you are afraid? Ashamed?
Strong taste of alcohol again…
Buzz…relaxing… my medicine.

You just don’t understand this feeling.
You don’t understand what are you keep doing to me,
Twisting blade, a little, like a child’s play.
You just don’t get it…
I so don’t want to hate you.
I resist this feeling for so long,
But you make it so hard,
Too hard…

Like I hold a gem in my hand,
And you are burning this hand,
Making me drop it in a dirt.
Strong taste of alcohol.
I need stronger…
I need stronger…..

4 thoughts on “Just a night talk

  • Swordscion

    Be strong Kris.

    Pain may wash over you, forgiveness may be dire and nowhere to be found, but love yourself.

    This who hurt you, do so at the risk of losing a treasure more vibrant than the stars and a heart sweeter than the gods ambrosia.

    Alcohol is no medicine, but then again neither is pain.

    Stay strong.

  • Hold that love in your heart, sometimes we hurt people and we r not consciously away of how our behaviours or actions affect those around us.
    The more you work on yourself and think positive, the more positive things will flow your way.

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