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My little prize!


Little things are still important things 😁  I won a SMM Event: Stir The Witch’s Cauldron and got this as a prize!
Now this little witch lives in my house, in her handmade frame 😀

<- cute, isn’t it? 😊  Don’t forget to enjoy even little things and little achievements, because that’s the way to build a happy life! And life is amazing 😉








Thank you for the opportunity! And Eilidh Morris  for her art!

5 thoughts on “My little prize!

  1. Aw! Very cool, Kris. She looks lovely in your frame. Thanks so much for sharing your prize. We’re a bit late with drawing numbers for the other events. We’ll be announcing new winners soon. 😊

  2. Awesome! The Tomato Witch looks happy in her new home. Eilidh is quite the talent! Thanks for the post!!

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