Question #5: How to turn life back to happiness

Hello, my friends! I hope you were able to find your way through the depression, as I did. I hope that my writing could help you, at least a little bit. Now this is the time for a final article about fighting depression, which speaks about the final stage, when the pain or emptiness transfers into joy or happiness. This is the stage, where person gets healed as much, as possible.
In previous article I listed things which can help to change focus and start enjoying your life again. Did it help? Do you feel better? Now the best thing to seek, the real cure – is love
💘. Love and feeling of security counters a lot of negativity and brighten up the hope.
Of course, finding love is not an easy task and can be stressful, but this risk worth it. Love searching just need to be performed carefully (even if it sounds very non-romantic), so you won’t get hurt again (if you ever were). Love is not a magic, even though it is a feeling. You should pick your partner with caution, because a minute passion is not a long-term relationship.

Think of a person that you want to see next to you. You can dream, but be realistic. Right away think about breakpoints. Think of person who respects you, who make you feel good, who shows affection and never wave any of these points! In the end, being with someone you can trust, someone who you share mutual love will, heals your wounds much faster than anything else. I am very thankful to universe, that I could find this person, even after my heart was shattered in pieces.

Good luck everyone! I hope you will find a way to your happy life!

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