Night Predator

There are big changes in my life (in a good way, actually!), and my new theme of the blog might be very different from what it is right now. It won’t be as dark or depressed and I will try to share this light of hope with others. However, I always liked dark poetry, so time to time I will publish it just for fun 🙂 and so my regular readers won’t be too bored!

You walk faster and faster.
Night surrounds you.
Do you call for your pastor?
I would be scared too.

Feels like you are ready to run.
Does fear took over your mind?
What is your escaping plan?
You hope salvation to find?

There is no escape!
I am right behind your back.
I will make a tape,
And put it on my trophy rack.

Knife, shine, slit,
Blood, drops, gasp.
Maniac’s heart beats,
I’m sorry, but I must…

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