Nea Kris

Let the pain flow



I hide my face in my palms
Something is wrong with me?
I guess am not good enough
To ask a question on your knee.
Probably I am not pretty?
Probably not young anymore?
I am not enough of a lady?
I am so bad. But how so?
Do I clean too little?
Did my food tasted not good?
Was coffee I made too bitter,
Or my language too crude?
I am a failure as woman,
Not good enough to be loved.
I should hide in the dark forever
And try to not look always so sad…


2 thoughts on “Hide

  1. Dark as always, and highly emotional.
    Do not fear your own inadaquacies, do not make them up.

    You are a lovely woman, and it is those that cannot see, that lack the sight for loyalty and love.

  2. Great poem though, it really cuts to the heart of the pain…

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