Nea Kris

Let the pain flow

Puzzle in the darkness


Candles in the room, but corners are pitch black. I don’t care about dark corners, I am not afraid of the darkness anymore. My fingers are shivering. My tongue mumbles words. My eyes see hope, but I’ve heard that I am insane.
My fingers picking and putting pieces together, they are smeared in blood. Red color on my fingers – juice of life. Every tiny piece I pick and try to find a right place to fit it. My new hobby is a bloody puzzle! I laugh in the dark at my joke. Probably that is why they say that I am insane, but I am not. I am looking for redemption, I am looking for salvation. I am Doctor Frankenstein of myself! Piece by piece, I assembly bloody puzzle of my heart. I want it back! Then, in the light of candles I carefully put it in my chest and sew up the open wound. I scream of pain, but I laugh because my plan works! I will be alive again! My heart will be restored and beat in my scarred body. I will not let anyone to steal it again. Not anymore.

11 thoughts on “Puzzle in the darkness

  1. Dark! Love it!

  2. Together we bleed
    Words of pain
    Thoughts of madness
    In the darkness we revel
    Laughing in the face of death

  3. Ah! Genius. The last line made me realize why she needed to put herself back together! A stolen heart can be detrimental to ones health. Dark and clever. (PR)

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