Pain can’t be killed

– Can I die? – young girl asked quietly.

She looked down on her thin arm. Through the pale skin she could see blue veins. Seemed that they were so close; seemed that if she would cut just a little bit, she would reach them; and then all her pain and fears would float away, within warm, red river. Her gaze slid up.

– Can I die? – she asked again, but this time louder, with eyes full of determination. Her interlocutor remained silence. Then he sighed.

– Yes, silly girl, you can die… but there is more to life, than just pain and fears. However, life is full of pain and disappointments. You should know, that if you will run away from your pain, you might rest in peace, but everyone else who is close to you won’t. Paint never goes away, little girl. You can escape it, but you can’t kill it. By your escape, you will share you pain with everyone who cares about you. That is the curse of the pain, that is unfairness of the life. Are you ready to do this to your friends and family? – he asked. A shiny blade showed up in his palm. He reached out to the girl with this blade…and tears slid down her pale cheeks. She looked at the blade and cried. This cry was full mortification and she couldn’t keep quiet. She howled and closed her eyes with small palms. This was so unfair! She had to live, she had to suffer, because pain never can be killed…

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  • Swordscion

    This seems quite familiar 🤔

    I could swear that I have an additive to this somewhere in my memory banks, shall I share it?

    I do not wish to impead on your blog.

  • Swordscion

    Then I offer you a story, inspired by your own writing.

    “how is she?” Spoke the demon, who’s teeth gnashed in glee. Long had he wished to catch a girl such as her and her actions this day may lead her to his waiting jaws.

    “She is…on the edge of a Knife.” Spoke another as he watched her tears fall from her cheeks.

    “Good, good it’s as it should be, she is mine!”. The demon crowed, for he had sent her pain; he had shown her misery and he now waited to show her the deepest pits of hell.

    But the other paused, seeing the girls tears and hearing the words of a simple passerby, he wondered; why did he help?

    What benefited this interlocutor, to save this young girl? Did he know? He looked over his shoulder to the drooling monstrosity, who gnashed his teeth.

    “No, no you can’t have her! More misery, more pain will come to you; I will have you.” But, even as his companion furiously gnashed away, the man’s smile grew ever so slightly. Because he could see it in the girl’s teared eyes, the strength to go on.

    “You did this, you sent him!”. The demon turned on the man as the girl pushed the offered knife away, cheating death of its prize.
    “I have done nothing, humanity does not need me to do a kind act, nor do I need to remind them of their own strength.”. His heart was set at peace, resting from its furious pace.

    His calm facade hid his misery at the pain which shed been inflicted by, that he could not help and yet, his promise now made sense.

    “She can die, she will die! I’ve worked to hard for this, too long have I torn at her feelings, rent her hope and dreams.”. The drooling monstrosity howled into the depths of the darkness.

    “She will live, she will love and the pain shall carry her. You will carry her, as will the kindness of strangers and loved ones.”. The man smiles to himself, as the girl cries over the inevitable pain and misery, he smiles for the light and joy that he knew would come to her.

    “This is-”
    “And she dies, I shall accept her. Show her a new path, one which you have no control over.”. The demon scowls at the man and then turns back as the girl stands and mutters.

    “It isn’t over yet…”

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