Nea Kris

Let the pain flow

Ghost of memories


So sunny outside.
I am enjoying the warmness.
Remember this plaza?
I am drinking coffee…

I see a ghost of memories.
I see me and you, but now you are somewhere else.
You are alive and you are happy, I guess.
You left me behind, as a reminder of the dreadful past.

And now I am alone in this dark place.
I hate you, because you escaped.
I am happy for you, it is your turn to be happy.
Isn’t it what love is about?

I take one more sip and smile to the sun.
Wounded, crippled, doomed, but I am alive.
I hate to know that you knew it!
You left because you knew I will survive…
But did you know at what price?



2 thoughts on “Ghost of memories

  1. Some dark and painful thoughts here to be sure!

    The blessing of being a writer is being able to put those dark thoughts into words and release them like black butterflies, never to return to you.
    Keep writing and let healing find you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed. I feel that through my words, my pain flows on the paper, leaving my body and making it a little bit easier. I can see that in your writing as well, that’s why I like it a lot.
      Thank you! I wish same to you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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