Little Rabbit

🐇Hello. I am a little brown rabbit and I was told that I have cute fluffy cheeks. I used to live in the human’s backyard. I wasn’t born there, but I lived there most of my life. Of course, I didn’t have too much place to run and jump, and sometimes my owner could forget to feed me or could neglect my existence, but there was enough room and reasons to feel happy. I really liked my home, my little hole and that green grass around. I felt secure.

But one day everything changed. I heard some other people saying that I am caged, that it is a terrible thing to do and that I should be set free. I heard them saying that my owner is selfish and he doesn’t love me. Then they left and I was sitting there, in the middle of the backyard, feeling so scared, as never before. Something was happening, I could feel it and this something was dreadful. My owner was showing up less and less, regardless of any tricks that I prepared for him to show. I never felt so sad before, because I felt that I am losing my friend and I couldn’t do anything about it, because I was just a little rabbit in the backyard… and then that day came… My owner stepped outside and came next to me. He petted me, as he used to and even placed me on his laps. I felt joy, but then I saw tears in his eyes. That was not normal. Why would he be sad? I am here, I am not going anywhere, I love him regardless of those other people. I tried to tell him that with my eyes and I think he understood. He just shook his head and said: “I am sorry”. Than he put me in a carrier and then in his car. We departed. Probably an hour later car stopped. He took me out and petted again. I saw trees around, but I didn’t see my little home anywhere! While I was looking for my home and sniffing unfamiliar air with my little nose, he walked around the trees, further and further in the forest. Soon after I was “released” … my owner, my only friend, just placed me on the ground and stepped back. He said again that he was sorry, but I couldn’t believe in his words. He walked away so fast, he left me alone in this dark forest! At first, I was frozen, because I was so afraid, I couldn’t believe that it happened, I couldn’t understand why it happened. And then I ran. I ran as fast as I could, but I couldn’t catch up with his car. I injured myself during my case, so I sat there, next to the road, waiting for him to change his mind, to return after me. I licked my injured paw and cried. He won’t come back, I realized…

And now I am here, among big and scary trees, “free” … I am injured, I don’t know what I suppose to do here, I am old and I am afraid that soon I will die. If not disease or starvation, then predator will find me. Does he know about it, does he understand? Or he is lying to himself, hoping that now I am happier? Running free, among other rabbits? I can’t know that, I can’t even let him know how I feel. But little birdy told me, that he has a new rabbit now, a younger little cute thing, and while I am limping during the cold night, another little rabbit is enjoying my used-to-be home and my used-to-be green grass.
Humans should remember: you are responsible for those you tamed.
And little shadow faded in the darkness… 

7 thoughts on “Little Rabbit

  • Swordscion

    A powerful story, although I feel confident for the rabbit.

    They are incredibly adaptable, you know.
    I am working in a garden with a rabbit, a cute little brown guy who helps out with “weeding”.

    And recently I even saw some rabbits living happily in the city’s community college. Dashing about, investigating curiously…

    But in all seriousness, you may have captured my heart with this one; how dare you play on my weakness for cute little fuzzy things!!

    You made the point, that no one should choose another’s life path.

    But I ask you, would that rabbit be truly any happier in the like that was a home with a negligent owner?

    Or perhaps this ties into the philosophy of the cave, by…I’m going to say Aristotle.
    In which the people were chained to a wall, in a deep, dark and dank cave; their only entertainment being the shadows of the outside world.

    Now this little rabbit, this injured yet innocent soul, can finally look away from the shadows.
    It is frightening to be sure, the world is a big place, but then which is truly real, the shadows, or the figures that cast them?

    • I know what you are implying here, but I will answer from the real point of this story. The point is that no matter who says what, and how they see situation, don’t try to guess what would be better for somebody else. In this particular situation, living with the owner, who was neglecting a little rabbit wasn’t the best you can imagine, and maybe rabbit “deserved” better, but the truth is, that from two evils you need to pick smallest. And now rabbit will die, alone, betrayed and hurt. So much for being “free and happy”. If rabbit wold be young, and still has any survival skills, then yeah, he would get over it, but deeper the connection grew, the less of rabbit on its own left and human should of think about that.

  • Your story breaks my heart. I have a rabbit whom I adore and would never let him loose. I understand your message and hope people realize that rabbits take a lot of care. Once you bring it home, it becomes a pet; just like a cat or a dog. If you couldn’t care for your cat or dog, you’d never think to just abandoned it. That’s the same with a rabbit. Find a good home for your pets if you can’t care for them any longer. ❤️

    • This is so awesome that you have a rabbit! What is his/her name? 🙂
      And yes, any animal, of any size, should have a good life, if you took such a responsibility, because they also have feelings and their lives matter. I adopted my cat, after her previous owners neglected her. They brought a poor animal, infected by fleas and ringworms, to put her down. She also had many signs of being abused and hurt. She is such a sweet cat and I could never understand why somebody could do something like this to her.

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