Chester Bennington

As many of you know, Chester Bennington, singer of Linking Park, had commuted suicide. I personally like this group, so it was a sad news for me. Many great people took their own life. Artists usually are sensitive and/or hurt inside, that’s why their art can touch hearts. Because it is real. What I wanted to talk about is tho, a cowardice. I’ve heard on the radio “dumb people called him a coward”. I don’t want put labels of being dumb or not, but what I can tell is that these people, who said it, don’t know what depression is and how deep it can be. It is not a cowardice. You know when you actually feel fear? When you are holding blade at your wrist, or pills in your palm, because it is scary to leave everything behind, it is scary to do something irreversible, to go away and never come back. That is a moment of cowardice. When you are depressed, you feel pain every day, and this is a torture. Of course, it isn’t that brutal, but if you would be tortured physically every day, can you be called a coward, for wanting this pain to end? No. You can be called weak, but all humans have limits. So why you think that emotional torture is not the same thing in a way (plus he had some troubles with his health too)? It is exhausting to live in pain, with no happiness. People who feels so depressed need an immediate help, but sadly, sometimes you just don’t know what can help. Let’s stay strong and fight while there is at least a crumb of power left!

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