Knuckles push-ups challenge

In order to move forward, to grow, to get stronger (in my opinion), we need to push some limits. Being so depressed, I often feel urge to hurt myself, so I decided to make some use of it, instead of just cutting myself. When I was a kid, I used to do a karate and I was a tough girl, so since yesterday I decided to make a little challenge for myself, and everyone is welcome to join me! I named this challenge “knuckles push-ups challenge” (I know, very creative!). The point is to do knuckles push-ups on the outside surface (asphalt, concrete, balcony floor in my case), even if you use your knees as a support. To complete this first challenge I/you need to be able to do 10 of those at once. To learn more on how to do it properly, you can read this article:
If you have any other ideas for small challenges, please, share in comments!

July 18th: I made a few attempts yesterday, but in sequence I was able to do only three. Maybe due to me being “fragile female”, or just being weak, it was hell a painful, so I couldn’t do more.

July 19th. Small marks left on my knuckles. Gotta keep going! Made 4 today, but due to my fresh cut on a finger (long story), couldn’t do more 🙁

July 20th. Was able to do 6 this time! Marks on my knuckles are not very visible, but my right hand hurts. Oh well, going to move forward!

July 21st. My pain tolerance on my knuckles got so much better, I was surprised! I did ten push ups today and 10 more later. My nail (yes, only one for some reasons) almost poked through the skin on my palm though (it was the most painful thing today), but it is okay. Tomorrow I will try to go and do push ups outside, on the asphalt and see how that will go! 🙂

July 22nd. Made it outside. Asphalt seemed pretty flat, so it wasn’t too bad. Will continue doing push ups on my balcony. Thanks to everybody who participated (if any)! Everything is possible, we got to believe, right?

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