Last Encounter

Time to step away from a theme of broken hearts 😈

Cold obsidian night,
Your pupils are enlarged.
Are you alright?
Our paths today have matched.
I will be sweet for you,
I will be bitter, my dear.
You will experience something new,
You will feel fear very clear…
Red blood will drip on the grass,
You will moan, you will gasp.
I will be gentle, I will be crass,
I will make your bones rasp.
Good boy, come closer now!
Let me see what you got!
This is lost for you brawl,
I sucked dry all your blood…

2 thoughts on “Last Encounter

  • Swordscion

    Bravo, this is not bad.
    Truly a vampire’s visage is shown, although I hope you will forgive me, for instinctively siding with the victim.

    Though, somehow seeming dangerous and sultry; that is pretty nice, and very much a creature of the night.

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