Nea Kris

Let the pain flow

Ugly truth

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Nothing that helps,
Nothing can cure.
That thing in my chest
– Pain very pure.
You can despite,
You can laugh.
I know I am right,
when I barf…
I’m barfing this life out,
I can’t stand this pain anymore.
I let out my last shout,
Dividing terrible after, and happy before.
No beauty in such an action.
And there is no grace.
Look at leftover fraction:
Rip off all covering lace!
Am I that disgusting?
Why’re you avoiding my eyes?
I am a threat to your con everlasting,
Because I know, that everyone lies…

One thought on “Ugly truth

  1. Ahem, let me warm up the accent…

    “Ere’s lookin’ at you, kid”.

    Liked by 1 person

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