Tommy. Page Four.

Morning began as usual: quiet room, because everyone was asleep after drinking night or at work already. Outside of his room, Tommy smelled cigarettes and something that reminded about dirty socks, but he got used to this smell. Tommy came to work fifteen minutes before his official shift and played some game on his cell phone. He had mixed feelings about the diary and tried not to think about it anymore. Should he really bother? His tiny dark shell felt threatened. He didn’t like to get involved with all this action, mystery, possible communication with people. He liked his books, games and circle of people, kept to a very minimum. He liked his room at work, where he could just tinker and repair. Machine parts here and there on the old wooden tables; thin wooden walls, warm light and that’s it. No one else in his world. He didn’t want to go back to the diary. That was a cowardice, but hey, who would judge him? Thanks God he didn’t have anyone in his life to judge him anymore. Wasn’t it the point?
Sometime after lunch Mr. Sanchez came into the Tommy’s room. He said that he needs to go and run some errands, so Tommy has to take care of the customers, if anyone will come in. Tommy didn’t mind much, it wasn’t his first time. Communication with customers was very basic, after all. During Mr. Sanchez’s absence, one man brought his laptop and half an hour later, young girl walked into the small store, with greenish floor, which cried to be renewed for the at least last five years. She was pretty, wearing this light-pink scarf, which looked very cute with her blond hair. Of course, it wasn’t the first time when pretty girl walked into the store. Tommy in general wasn’t picky, half of the girls looked pretty to him. This time Tommy held his gaze on the girl for a few seconds longer, though. He actually thought how would it be, if he would kiss her? Regardless of that, girl was “in trouble”. Her older brother was out of the town and she was using his cell phone of fancy “sand-y” color, showing off in front of her friends, because that was the latest model. Not surprisingly (isn’t it how life works?), she dropped it today, so screen cracked. She needed it to be done fast and perfect from the first time. “Please” – she said, and Tommy saw fear in her blue eyes. “I will do my best” – he replied and smiled clumsily. She nodded and left. Of course, she gave him her number and name. Amanda… but he would never have balls to call her, unless it would be service related. He started to work on her phone and left other orders in queue. He really did try his best to help her and she was very happy when he called her the same day and told her that she can pick it up. Thirty minutes later she was there, smiling, with pink cheeks, because it was cold outside. Fear was gone from her eyes. She even gave him a slightly flirty smile, probably as a reward. Tommy would lie, if he would say that it didn’t bring him joy. A girl was happy and he made it happen… Heavy thoughts crawled into his head. That was only a stupid cell phone. This girl from a diary… something much worse happened to her and even if Tommy was cowardly, he was the type who wanted to help people. He couldn’t just give up like that and leave some girl forgotten… he could escape from his dad, but what if she couldn’t escape on her own from whatever happened to her? Maybe that was his chance to finally do something useful with his life? Even if it was scary, but this was a one in a lifetime chance. Tommy rushed home after work, without even grabbing a dinner. He needed to find out what happened to her after she moved to the Linnbrook.

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