Everything I do is always mistake

I open my eyes every morning,
But I don’t see any light.
It might sound to you boring,
Or my pain may be delight.
They say I need to get a grip,
That I need to stay freaking strong.
But what if I AM really a dweeb?
And everything I do is really so wrong?
I boil in my pain and my desperation,
I can’t take a break.
My life is such a useless formation,
Everything I do is always mistake.
Should I really stay among living?
Tell me how to escape!
Can this life be any forgiving,
When I always… always so late?

One thought on “Everything I do is always mistake

  • Swordscion

    Eternity stings, laying rose petals to rot.
    So murky; the depths of an endless sea.
    So lost is the one who cries out.

    Turning, turning, turning, endless repetition, seamless destruction.

    Budding, blooming, blossom, the life of lost, the path a rose, to ascend heights.

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