Nea Kris

Let the pain flow

Tell me these words!


Tell me these words,
Rip my wounded soul apart
Hit me with two thousand volts,
Play the most malicious card.
Tell me how he is doing well
Tell it loud and clear
Tell me about that wedding bell
Tell me all about it, His dear.
Shoot me without a gun
Cut my heart with no blade
Tell me that he’s having a son
And bring me a very painful fate
I can howl in pain.
I can bleed, I can scream.
These words are my bane
But I will not be broken by Him…

7 thoughts on “Tell me these words!

  1. Those who live, endure endless tragedies.
    Those who thrive, become stronger with each pain-forged step.

    Very good, poetry and spirit.

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  2. Brutally painful, I love the defiant spirit vowing never to be broken!

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  3. Oh this poem touched me. It really did. You write from your heart and it’s beautiful.

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  4. Pain is easy compared to healing. We can get hurt by a single word… like “asshole.” If someone calls me “asshole,” my feelings get massively hurt. I need to drink more milk to get stronger bones; then maybe those bullet words will just ricochet off me. That would be cool.

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