Page three. First love

Oh my God, I was never so happy in my life! Now everything will be so different, now everything will be so amazing! His lips and hands… it all felt so magical, like in a fairy tale… I feel like I can fly! I can’t believe that I lost my head like that, but it is the best feeling ever! He said that we should move in together, he wants to take me to his house in Linnbrook! It must mean that he is serious, so from now on I will be the happiest girl ever! My girlfriends will be so jealous when I will tell them! But what I won’t tell them is about our night together. I can share this only with the papers of my diary, I don’t want to forget this feeling, I want this memory to live forever. We watched fireworks from his car, parked at the Mild Hill and when the show was over, and other cars left, he kissed me with such passion… I felt how I got wet down there… Probably it made me blush, because all my face was on fire. I was never so nervous in my whole life! He pulled down my top and kissed my nipples and I just couldn’t think about anything else! And it is so nice to have an experienced man, his fingers did amazing things…I think I am blushing right now just  thinking about it again. He didn’t laugh at me when he found out how slippery it was there.. he smiled. He made me feel so good, as I never felt in my life. I am a woman now, a very happy woman! This was the most magical 4th of July ever! Probably now I should start thinking about our kids’ names, haha!    

Tommy finished reading the page and sat back. It was a storm of emotions raging in his head and heart… shame, because he’d read something that was not meant to be seen by anyone; excitement, because he was only a teenager after all, and desire to feel the same feeling, desire to be loved… Fingers must be skilled, huh? He took a deep breath and focused on other details. He never heard of Mild Hill, but she did move, because he lives in Linnbrook and that’s where her diary was found. Linnbrook… small town, with downtown as big as a few streets. It had few commercial building and factories, where most people worked, but it wasn’t the best place to live. Shady alleys, unemployed drunk people… where did she found her “prince”? Then he thought of a few house complexes not far outside of Linbrook. People who worked in big cities usually bought houses there, because it is much cheaper and only an hour drive from their work. He never really went to that part of the city, because he had no business being there, but it was his best bet, that this girl moved into one of those houses. He grabbed the diary and went outside. His neighbors were getting loud, and fresh air sounded like a good idea.

Tommy walked outside and up the hill. Not many people were around. He saw few homeless at the corner of the liquor store, but most of “normal” people were driving cars. His thoughts were raising. What if this girl is not alive anymore? She sounded so happy, and now all that left is a diary covered in blood? This thought gave Tommy shivers. This life was so messed up.

Probably an hour later he was standing next to the gates. This was an entrance to the house complex. Of course, they would have gates here… Tommy just stood there, looking at homes, thinking which one might be the ONE, but he had no clue. What he hoped for? To see some young man driving by in a car, which he would recognize in a magical way? He couldn’t help this girl, at least before he will find out more. He needs to get back home, eat and rest, because he still has work in the morning.

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  • Swordscion

    Your writing style is certainly improving, you have no fear in writing what needs to be said as well.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this page, because he is finally starting to take action, for the sake and another.

    A fine paradigm shift, indeed.

    And I cannot hide concern for the girl, I do wish her to be well.

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