Little doll, silly toy

Little doll, silly toy,
Thrown away in the rain.
Not fun anymore for a boy,
But can you him blame?
Doll’s missing an arm,
Doll got kicked in a dirt
That won’t bring to alarm
Anyone in this world.
Who cares of things that can’t feel?
Who can’t cry, laugh or even be ill?
Doll in a mud, there is not rain in her eyes
So, dear Sir lad, look and finally realize,
She wanted to be a mother, she wanted to be a wife,
This doll is not soulless, that doll is alive…

One thought on “Little doll, silly toy

  • Swordscion

    Little doll, silly toy.
    A million hearts exist, lost in the rift.
    A little doll, this silly toy.
    May reach those who wander.

    One is never useless.

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