There must be hope

17554267_1390374591032468_8823680398078636404_nI remember the time, when I was sitting in the bath tub, holding a knife, unable to cut deep enough. I cried and I begged myself “please, please! Just do it! Do at least something right, you can’t be that weak, I want this pain to stop!”… and I couldn’t…, so feeling of disappointment in myself grew even stronger. I couldn’t even kill myself and finish this misery 😑 I don’t know how I got back to somewhat normal after that, but I did and I thought I can fix my life, when I started this blog, but I got so close to the edge again, because everything that I valued, everything that I believed in happened to be a lie… Headache is killing me and I am just so tired of being useless, of being unable to enjoy life. But you know what? For everyone who is feeling this way, give your life chance again and again, until you will literally go insane. There must be hope in all this. Tiny hope for something good… Hope is all we have. Stay strong.

One thought on “There must be hope

  • Swordscion

    Death is a reflection of life, not to be feared.
    But, to lose sight of hope…I too have taken to the knife.

    You are right though, in the darkest times, hope and love may lead one out, even if it is love that draws out the pain, it can still fade; just let it be.

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