Game to play

My worldview got very negative more than a year ago and since then bad things keep happening, so it never was fixed. Tell me anything good and I will throw something bad about it back. Quite a talent I developed in that (you can try in comments section to say me something positive, haha). It is hard to live like that, when you don’t see any light. So now when I am in a process of fixing my life, when worst stress is over and I am just picking up broken pieces after disaster, I want to stop being so negative. My friend offered to play a game when on each negative thing I say, I must say “but…” and add something positive after. Day three is going right now and it is hard sometimes… so far it was “I never will be happy again…, but today we are having a free pizza at work!”. Not balanced, but might be a tiny progress! So everyone who is feeling down, try to see little good things around you. There is always at least something, I promise. Somebody loves you, or weather is beautiful, or your eyes are amazing, or you have great sense of humor? Just look for good and you will find you 🙂

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