Why pain doesn’t stop?

Why pain doesn’t stop? Day after day, month after month… it is evolving, changing, but still hurts and I cannot stop it. I can’t find a way how to stop it. It is exhausting… Pain is like a little animal that likes to scratch me from inside, cutting deeper and deeper with its claws. This animal can wake up from any little memory, from any word… Will this pain remain with me forever, until I finally will die? That is a good question.
… Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard I try to forget about the pain and to be a person that I want to be. It hits me back and take away all my strength, so I am getting back to zero…

One thought on “Why pain doesn’t stop?

  • Damian

    Some say there is balance in this world, thats why their is both sadness and happiness. I say it is bs because sometimes it feels like there is far more sadness than there is happiness here. That is not balance. But for some reason I will forever try to scrape as much happiness as I can from this world. For me and for you 🙂 You will get hit again and again but the fight only ends when you give up, meaning you can never truly lose!

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