Erase or not to erase?


Is it just me? Do I really think very differently from other people? Everyone keeps telling me that when you break up, you BREAK UP, all communication and everything else, if your heart is still bleeding. People say that this is torture… But after all these years, when you consider person as part of your family, how can you turn your back and leave? How can you erase, what was there for a reason? Why build such a strong connection, just to rip it off (which is very painful too; it is a question what is more painful…)? It doesn’t seem right to me. This person is your family, he/she is your friend, and no matter how painful it is, you don’t just… pretend that nothing ever happened. If you can give up on people and connection in between so easily, then why build any connections at all? Nothing is eternal in this life, but it is in our power to support what we created, while both parties value each other and don’t hurt each other intentionally… or maybe it is just me, after all…

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