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Is lie a lie?

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Lie… what is it? It is when you intentionally say something that it not true. But why people think that it is still a lie, when this “truth” changes overtime? Today person might tell that he/she loves you, and be honest, because at this particular moment they feel this emotion, but emotions are not constant. Maybe tomorrow this feeling will change. It doesn’t mean that you were lied to. It is not only about love, of course, it is about any emotions, and that’s why promises are silly in a way. Time change everything and everyone drastically. Of course, it hurts, if something you believed to is no longer apply, but you can’t be mad, because time flies by and there is nothing eternal in this world. One more thing to accept.

One thought on “Is lie a lie?

  1. Beautiful white lies. Everything does change so in a way everything is a beautiful white lie…life


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