First blog post. Let’s begin

   Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about life, trying to analyze feelings, causes and life-views. All my life I tried to be nice to people, I couldn’t really hurt anyone or to be mean. And yet, there are people who blames me for being hurt. But how is that fair? Sometimes their happiness is controversial to mine. It doesn’t make me an evil person, so I finally want to stop worrying about it, because I spent so much time thinking about others over myself. Of course, you need to think of others, but not to a degree, where you lose yourself. That is my first step to be an independent person again. This is not my duty to make everyone happy.

And there is nothing snobby about that. I am not better than anybody, I got crushed just like anyone, and maybe even worse. My heart was handed to me, barely alive, all covered in dust and blood. The pain of betrayal and ruined dreams was so horrible, that it was hard to breath, but I will talk about it later. Right now I want to say that other people don’t owe you anything, neither do I. Accept people with their flaws, because we all have them and be happy, or don’t and be alone. Of course, I want to stay a good and honest person, but now I want to be able to make choice for my own life, my own happiness, regardless if somebody else want me to take another route.
– Nea

Thanks to dimitrisvetsikas1969 for the picture

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