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Restore your body and soul with Reiki session. Feel better, live fuller, find the balance!


Or find answers to important questions about yourself, your life or your beloved through the matrix of energies and chakra numerology

What will you experience

Reiki Session

Clearing, balancing and transforming of your energy by removing blocks and leakages from your energy flow and chakras. This process heals and helps you to thrive happily in your life. Reiki session will increase your vibrations, bringing you closer to your Higher-Self. 

Before the session you can ask a question, so your subconsciousness can give an answer, connecting to the Universe and to the Divine Energy of Creator of All That Is. 

After the session you will receive a complete write-up of your session, answers and insights.    

Singing bowls, sacred instruments

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What will you experience

Chakra tarot-numerology analysis 

Sometimes we just can’t find the answers to the questions on why things don’t go the way we want, clients don’t see us, money disappear, relationships crack again and again. The answer might be right in front of you: your energies don’t get their fuel or currently are in a negative state, thus so many unpleasant things are attracted into your life and emotions of low vibrations conquer your heart. Let’s check together what can it be and analyze it together. When your energies are in positive state, everything seems to fall in right places and life becomes much more enjoyable. We all deserve that.

Currently I offer a small portion of what can be done, because I just became mother recently, but in the end of 2021, I plan to add many more packages. For right now I can analyze and give you
1. Personal challenge and karmic program and how to transform them into a positive flow;
2. Energy blockages in all 7 charkas and how to fix them;
3. Forecasting for a year or month. What is a course of action should be taken in a current or next year, what month is better for changing job, buying house, moving, etc.    

Reiki in person session


60 minutes

Reiki remote session


30-45 minutes

Tarot-numerology analysis


Per package

Kristina Dmitrieva

Bothell, WA
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